For Schools in Japan - Why ELT Source?

A lot of our competition have their instructors teach at more than one school, sometimes up to 10 different schools in a week.

We believe that students benefit greatest from having full-time native English instructors at school, as students can continue to receive help outside of class time. Students thus have an opportunity to build solid relationships with their instructors, which enhances the full spectrum of their educational experience, as full-time instructors often have time to participate in school clubs, sports days, and culture festivals. This is but one of the building blocks that we use to nurture the quality of our students’ language education.

Furthermore, the use of full-time instructors also allows for comprehensive testing. Every year, we administer six testing periods consisting of mid-term interview tests and end-of-semester listening tests. The interview tests allow those students who are sometimes too shy to speak up in class an opportunity to show their teacher one-on-one just how much they understand.

Listening tests administered at the end of each semester are also a very effective evaluation tool for any oral English program. Although listening is one of the most difficult aspects of learning a new language, it is a vital piece of the puzzle.

Alongside providing a top-class educational program, ELT Source completely understands the safety concerns of our client schools and the parents of our students. That is why ELT Source is one of the only ALT companies to require all of our teachers undergo a criminal background check from their home country before beginning any teaching assignment.

The benefits of having full-time native English instructors on staff are numerous, and ELT Source understands that our instructors are the face of the company. That is why we endeavor to seek out and hire the most qualified and most experienced instructors for our clients.