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Tokai Gakuen High School

Located in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture it is part of the renowned Tokai group of private schools which are consistently in the top 5 schools in the Tokai area of Japan.

Tokai Gakuen has been a client of ELT Source since 2003.

ELT Source instructors have a large role in the study abroad program at Tokai Gakuen. Our instructors are homeroom teachers for classes going abroad and are involved with student admission into the program, curriculum development, placement of students in Canada, travel with the students to Canada and liaison directly with the school districts in Canada.

Tokai Gakuen website:

Taki Gakuen

Located in Konan City just outside of Nagoya, Taki Gakuen is also one of the finest private schools in the Tokai Area consistently being in the top 5 academically year after year.

Taki Gakuen has been a client of ELT Source since 1999.

ELT Source instructors work closely to develop the English curriculum at the school, and participate heavily in extra-curricular activities with students and staff.

Tokai Gakuen website: